Don’t Pick On Hillary Clinton, Her Life And Expectations Are Just Different From The Unwashed Masses


A former aide to Hillary Clinton tried to stand up for her gaffe about being “dead broke” (even though they were worth millions) and struggling to pay for multiple houses after she and Bill left the White House. According to the aide, who now works for CNN, it isn’t that Clinton’s out of touch with the middle class, it’s just that she has a “life and set of expectations” that are different from the rest of us.

“I suppose when you heard that comment you knew full well that that was going to be fodder for the Republicans,” the CNN host said today referring to the comments Clinton made in an interview that aired last night. “Mrs. Clinton used the word ‘houses’ — the plural version, which many Americans would hear and sort of think, Ugh, holy moly. Isn’t it fair that perhaps that’s the criticism that comes out of it? That that’s somebody who perhaps isn’t in touch with Americans in general?”

“There’s nothing fair with anybody who would insinuate that Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand the struggle of a middle class family,” McLean said. “She certainly grew up with one. And she gave a statement of fact when President Clinton and Mrs. Clinton left the White House, they were dead broke. Now, they have a life and a set of expectations that are different, and they’ve been fortunate to make some money.” (Read More)

Some money? They’re worth almost a quarter of a billion dollars. As far as net worth goes, the Clintons are right up there with the Romneys, but you won’t hear much about that from the media. Romney made his money in business, the Clintons made their money selling their political clout. But according to the narrative of the left, Mitt Romney’s fortune is cause for shame and derision, while that of the Clintons is all righteous and good.

In related news, Hillary’s book isn’t exactly flying off the shelves. I heard that book sellers have already marked it down, and the only people buying it are media types and political junkies. Those who have read it have panned it as a big snore fest. The biggest news it’s generated was her lament about how broke they were, and that she hasn’t gotten over the video she tried to pin the Benghazi attack on. But don’t you dare point out the idiocy of the whole thing, lest you be labeled a hypocrite. Just shut up. So what if she’s a champion of class warfare, who are we to judge?