Claudia Tenney Is The True Conservative In NY22, Not Richard Hanna


Two big PACs have been flooding the airwaves in Central New York with ads attacking Claudia Tenney, who is running in the NY22 Republican primary against Rep. Richard Hanna, who might as well switch parties. The ads say Hanna is the true conservative, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is the same guy who told women to donate to the Democrats. This is the same guy who campaigned with Kirsten Gillibrand. This is the same guy who in September 2012 hadn’t decided who he would vote for in the presidential election. Check out his voting record, he’s one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress.

But you wouldn’t know any of that by watching the barrage of ads, nor would you know that Assemblywoman Tenney is the most conservative member of the New York state legislature. She supports the unborn, votes against tax increases, is against Common Core, wants to defund Obamacare and was the first member of the Assembly to call for Sheldon Silver to resign over the Vito Lopez scandal. She’s also the proud mother of a US Marine.

The ad paid for by the American Unity PAC, a gay rights PAC, distorts Tenney’s record to make it sound like she has voted to raise taxes, which she hasn’t done. (Oddly enough, the ad doesn’t mention anything at all about gay rights.) Tenney told me today that she contacted the FEC about the misleading ads that distort her record and she was told they would look into it. The primary is next week, so apparently they won’t be doing it until it’s too late.

The other PAC supporting Hanna is Sheldon Adelson’s Patriot Prosperity PAC. In total Hanna and his supporters will have spent over $1.5 million on this primary. Tenney has $150,000, so Hanna must be worried. It’s possible the negative ads could backfire, he isn’t getting much love from constituents from social media.

Legal Insurrection has more on these false ads and this primary race, which is basically the election because there is no Democrat running. Well, except for Hanna.

Claudia Tenney for Congress!!