Boehner Considers Suing Obama Over Executive Actions


Roll Call reported that Speaker John Boehner told the House Republican Conference that he is planning on suing President Obama over his constant use of executive action to push through things that he can’t get passed in Congress. Individual members of Congress don’t have standing to sue, but Congress as an institution does, which is why it’s up to Boehner to file a suit. He said he could be making an announcement within days.

“The president has a clear record of ignoring the American people’s elected representatives and exceeding his constitutional authority, which has dangerous implications for both our system of government and our economy,” [Boehner spokesman] Steel said. “The House has passed legislation to address this, but it has gone nowhere in the Democratic-controlled Senate, so we are examining other options.”

It remains unclear which executive action or actions the House would challenge, but Obama has given Congress ample targets. In the last several years, he has issued executive actions halting deportations of hundreds of thousands of immigrants who came to the country as children, extending the family and medical leave benefits to gay couples and raising the minimum wage for federal contractors. He has also worked around legislative deadlines for enacting provisions of the Affordable Care Act and issued other executive actions relating to the environment and the gender and race pay gap. …

One path Boehner could take would be to convene the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group, a panel of leaders created in 1993 that votes on whether or not to sue on behalf of the House. The group consists of the speaker, the majority leader, the majority whip, the minority leader and the minority whip, and it would act on a majority vote. (Read More)

The linked article has more details, but turn down your speakers if you don’t like auto play.

Obama’s excuse for ruling by fiat is that Congress is divided so nothing gets done. You know, like on climate change. Never mind that when Democrats had a super majority during Obama’s first two years in office they failed to pass any climate change legislation. Regardless, the founders set up these checks and balances for a reason. They wanted it to be hard to pass legislation. They didn’t want an executive ruling as if he’s a king. It’s about time someone does something about his flouting of the law.