The Timing Of The Hit On Oregon Senate Candidate Monica Wehby Is Interesting


Dr. Monica Wehby is running in the Republican Senate primary in Oregon. In April 2013 she and her boyfriend Andrew Miller broke up. Apparently she was upset, made a few phone calls and went to his home. He called the police. No charges were filed. She was not arrested, but suddenly a couple of days before the primary this is big news. I wonder why.

Wehby (pronounced “Webby”) led incumbent Sen. Jeff Merkley (D) in one poll, so perhaps the liberals want to defeat her in the primary. Then Politico obtained a 911 call from Miller so they could call it the “Wehby saga,” in which he said he was going to get a restraining order. …

He did not get a restraining order, and he is now supporting her candidacy, so apparently whatever happened in 2013 wasn’t such a big deal. But we’ve seen this before.

This running around and obtaining police reports and 911 calls looks a little like the way the Chicago Tribune cleared the path for Barack Obama to get elected to the Senate in 2004. Both his slated Republican opponent (Jack Ryan) and his wealthiest Democratic challenger (Blair Hull) were vanquished by the Tribune  hounding their way into the candidates’ divorce records.

Read the whole thing, you’ll learn Politico has spent as much time on this primary candidate’s non-story as it did on charges of spousal abuse against Rep. Alan Grayson. In that case, Grayson’s wife actually did file an injunction against him, and he’s a sitting congressman, so you would think that would be a little more newsworthy. But he’s a Democrat, so, never mind.