The Problems With The VA System Are A Preview Of What Awaits The Rest Of Us


The problems in the VA health care system of long wait times and veterans dying while waiting for treatment are a preview of what’s to come under Obamacare. Barack Obama and Harry Reid have both admitted that their ultimate goal is a single payer, government run health care system in the US. That’s exactly what the VA system is. If things are so bad there, why would anyone think the government will get any better at it on an even grander scale?

There’s a lot to be mad about at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute notes that more than 344,000 claims for veterans’ care are backed up and waiting to be processed. It takes an average of 160 days for a veteran to be approved for health benefits, and the VA itself estimates that is has an error rate of at least 9 percent in processing claims. According to VA figures for 2012, as reported by the Washington Post, “a veteran who takes an appeal through all available administrative steps faces an average wait of 1,598 days.” That’s more than four years of waiting.

Obamacare will dramatically expand access to the health-care system at the same time that many surveys show doctors are likely to retire or cut back their hours. It is almost inevitable that we’ll see more waiting-list scandals as the need to ration care grows.

This is the record of many single-payer health-care systems, and both Obama and the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, have said that establishing a single-payer system is their long-term goal.

Read the whole thing. If this is how they are treating our veterans, why would anyone think they will treat the rest of us any better?