The Obama Legacy: Incompetence, On Everything

President Obama might be good at campaigning and riling up crowds, but when it comes to governing he has been a spectacular failure. Peter Wehner ran through a partial list of his failures, domestically and internationally, and the conclusion is that his will be a legacy of epic incompetence.

The White House response to everything from the VA and IRS scandals to the seizure of AP phone records by the Department of Justice is that it learned about them from press reports. More and more Mr. Obama speaks as if he’s a passive actor, a bystander in his own administration, an MSNBC commentator speaking about events he has no real control over. We saw that earlier today, when the president, in trying to address the public’s growing outrage at what’s happening at the VA, insisted he “will not stand for it” and “will not tolerate” what he has stood for and tolerated for almost six years. His anger at what’s happening to our veterans seems to have coincided with the political damage it is now causing him.

We’ve learned the hard way that Mr. Obama’s skill sets are far more oriented toward community organizing than they are to governing. On every front, he is overmatched by events. It’s painful to watch a man who is so obviously in over his head.

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As a side note, John Nolte adequately summarized Obama’s reaction to the VA scandal in one short tweet.

In case the tweet doesn’t show up, it says “Imagine the media today if a dozen-plus private hospitals had wait-listed 40+ people to death and the CEO called for a freakin’ study.”