The Left Didn’t Waste Time Politicizing California Rampage



If you haven’t been following the news this weekend perhaps you didn’t hear about the rampage of Elliot Rodger in Isla Vista, CA. He murdered six people and injured about 13 others before killing himself. He was the son of one of the directors of The Hunger Games and had some serious psychological issues. He was also a liberal, but the left is ignoring that.

The anti-gun crowd is doing what they always do, using this as another reason to scrap the Second Amendment, even though Rodger killed three of his victims with a knife. He also used his BMW as a weapon.

The feminists are really off their rockers. Rodger was socially awkward and never had a relationship with a woman. Apparently, he didn’t take rejection very well and turned his anger towards women and the men they dated. Somehow, the feminists have turned this into a tale of how all men are evil. Or something. They never make any sense and every time I try to figure them out I get a headache. Speaking of headache, we’ve had a long, busy weekend and I need to get some rest. Be sure to follow the links for details.

My prayers go out to Rodger’s victims and their families.