State Dept Spox Gripes About Spending Tax Dollars Investigating Benghazi


Finally, someone in the Obama administration is concerned about wasting tax dollars. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf thinks it’s a big waste of money investigating the cover up after the Benghazi attack.

Boehner’s decision was hailed by many Republicans. But Marie Harf, a State Department spokeswoman, told reporters a new investigation is not necessary, asking, “How many more taxpayer dollars are we going to spend trying to prove a political point that in 18 months they haven’t been able to prove?”

Harf said, “Everything that this committee would look at has already been looked at ad nauseam by multiple committees.”

When reporters pressed Harf, she replied, “We have a suspicion — they can prove me wrong … that this is just another attempt to use this politically, and that’s not how we should talk about Benghazi. I know that sounds Pollyanna-ish standing up here, but it’s how people in this building feel, it’s how people on the ground feel.”

That’s extremely rich considering that they kept telling us the attack was the result of a demonstration over a video, knowing it was a lie. Nothing political about that decision.

As for wasting money, Fox News reported (on the air) this morning that the State Department is hiring consultants to teach employees how to testify before Congress.

Here’s the video of yesterday’s briefing via CSPAN, the above comment comes at about the 17 minute mark. I don’t recommend watching the whole video as Harf is condescending and dismissive throughout so it’s pretty annoying.

Funny how they’re concerned about spending taxpayer money investigating the deaths of four Americans but have no qualms about spending money to investigate the death of a murderer and rapist.

Also, be sure to see Maggie’s post on Operation Zero Footprint which apparently led up to the attack in Benghazi.

Update: I don’t have time to do separate posts, so here are a couple of bonus videos, both via Grabien. The first is Jake Tapper telling Hugh Hewitt how Jay Carney has been “dissembling, obfuscating, and often insulting” when questioned about Benghazi.

This next one is a little montage of administration officials, including President Obama, blaming the Benghazi attack on that video.