So That’s Why Pelosi Named Democrats To Benghazi Committee


Hillary Clinton Angry

On Wednesday House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi named five Democrats to the Benghazi Select Committee, after previously indicating that Democrats may boycott the whole thing. So, why the about face? According to Politico, it was due to pressure from Hillary Clinton’s allies.

Hillary Clinton’s world was so worried about a Republican investigation of the Benghazi attacks, they sent a message to House Democrats: We need backup.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) publicly considered boycotting the panel, an idea that Clinton supporters feared would leave the potential 2016 candidate exposed to the enemy fire of House Republicans.

So Clinton emissaries launched a back channel campaign, contacting several House Democratic lawmakers and aides to say they’d prefer Democrats participate, according to sources familiar with the conversations. Pelosi’s staff said they have not heard from Clinton’s camp. (Read More)

Of course Pelosi said that, what else would she say? That Hillary’s people are so afraid of what might come out they need to engage every possible line of defense?