Oops! John Conyers Failed To Get Required Signatures To Appear On Ballot


You might expect this sort of mistake from a rookie candidate, but Rep. John Conyers has been in office since the 1960’s, so you’d think he would know the rules when it comes to submitting petition signatures. Ah, but, no. Conyers needed 1,000 valid signatures. He submitted 2,000 signatures, but fewer than 600 qualify as valid, so he will not be on the primary ballot on August 5. Oh darn.

Longtime Congressman John Conyers of Michigan doesn’t have enough signatures to appear on the Aug. 5 primary ballot, an elections official announced Tuesday.

Conyers’ nominating petitions were insufficient, Wayne County Clerk Kathy Garrett said in a statement.

It follows her report last week finding Conyers more than 400 signatures short of 1,000 needed. Garrett said Tuesday that he had 592 valid signatures after challenges.

The 84-year-old Detroit Democrat was at risk because officials believe several people who signed his petitions do not appear to have been registered voters or had registered too late.

He will probably try to challenge the ruling, and if that fails he can run as a write-in candidate. The DCCC says whatever happens they’re sticking with him.