Obamacare Working Just Like We Predicted


Obamacare has brought limited choice of providers, high premiums, high deductibles and lost jobs. So it’s working, just like we all predicted it would.

President Obama is right about ObamaCare — “This thing is working.” It’s working just like critics said it would, and nothing like its supporters promised.

High and rising premiums. Runaway costs. Rampant waste. Workers shoved into government-run exchanges. That’s what critics said would happen should ObamaCare remain the law of the land.

And on every point, these critics were viciously attacked by the White House and its amen chorus in the press. But on each, the critics are being proved right while the law’s backers try to change the subject.

Warnings of ObamaCare rate shocks were a big myth, we were told — merely “scare tactics” used to gin up opposition to the law by Republicans.

Then the first year’s rates came out last fall, and they were far higher than pre-ObamaCare premiums in most states, often even after taxpayer subsidies. (Read More)

It isn’t just Obamacare policies that are getting more expensive, but all policies. That’s because of all of the mandates they’ve put in place, so insurance companies are no longer able to offer lower cost policies. So they’ve screwed things up for everyone, for this mess.