Obama Has Political Operatives Working Inside The EPA Blocking Investigations


I don’t know how anyone can read this AP story (hardly a right wing media outlet) and not come away thinking “Most. Corrupt. Administration. Ever.” President Obama has political operatives working inside the Environmental Protection Agency that’s operating, in the words of the AP, as an illegal “rogue law enforcement agency” that is blocking investigations of the EPA’s inspector general.

I’ve been at my kids’ baseball games all evening, so I don’t know if this made the evening news, but something tells me it probably didn’t. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I hope I am.

A unit run by President Barack Obama’s political staff inside the Environmental Protection Agency operates illegally as a “rogue law enforcement agency” that has blocked independent investigations by the EPA’s inspector general for years, a top investigator told Congress.

The assistant EPA inspector general for investigations, Patrick Sullivan, was expected to testify Wednesday before a House oversight committee about the activities of the EPA’s little-known Office of Homeland Security.

The office of about 10 employees is overseen by EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s office, and the inspector general’s office is accusing it of impeding its independent investigations into employee misconduct, computer security and external threats, including compelling employees involved in cases to sign non-disclosure agreements.

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