Michelle Obama Doesn’t Want Poor People To Have Potatoes


Michelle Obama doesn’t want poor Americans to be able to buy potatoes. She said so herself in a NYT op-ed.

Right now, the House of Representatives is considering a bill to override science by mandating that white potatoes be included on the list of foods that women can purchase using WIC dollars. Now, there is nothing wrong with potatoes. The problem is that many women and children already consume enough potatoes and not enough of the nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables they need. That’s why the Institute of Medicine — the nonpartisan, scientific body that advises on the standards for WIC — has said that potatoes should not be part of the WIC program.

That’s right, she thinks Americans already eat enough potatoes. The woman has never been elected to anything, yet here she is telling us all what to eat and what we can feed our children.

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