Lessons In Liberal Governance


As most of you are probably aware, we’re spending our weekend at baseball games. Friday night we went to Mattydale, NY and had to go past the old, shuttered Carrier plant. It used to employ thousands of people. Not anymore. Then we drove around GM Circle, where GM no longer employs anyone.

On Saturday my 12 year old played in Fulton, behind the old Nestlé plant. Hundreds of people, maybe even thousands, used to work there. Not anymore. Nobody works there now. This is what it looks like today.

nestle 1


nestle 2


Lovely, isn’t it? There’s a house across the street, it had a nice little front porch and it looked like whoever lives there is keeping up the place the best that they can, but this is their view. This is what they see every day when they walk out their front door. It probably doesn’t help their property value.

I explained to my son how decades of liberal policies have driven these companies out of our state. There’s no “right to work,” taxes are high, workers compensation costs are insane, regulations are out of control. Politicians try to lure businesses back to the state by offering preferential tax breaks to a select few, while the companies that used to employ a lot of people leave for greener pastures. This is what liberal governance brings.

Oh, and this was the landmark used to give directions to people going to the ball field. An old, crumbling, dilapidated landmark in what was once a thriving little city. The Democrats and progressives want to impose these policies on the whole country. If they have their way, every town, city and village will look like the back of this old Nestlé plant.