Harry Reid Wants To Change Senate Rules Again!


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid doesn’t like Republicans who force him to stick to those pesky old Senate rules, especially after he nuked the fillibuster. He’s annoyed at the way some of them are slowing down President Obama’s nominations, so he’s threatening to change the Senate rules again.

Mr. Reid is able to eventually win any nominations his party wants, but Senate Republicans make him use every minute allotted under the rules, which often means having to wait days longer than he wanted.

The Nevada Democrat on Tuesday said Republicans were “pouting” and that he is considering another change.

“I don’t plan on changing the rules today, again, but how much longer can we put up with this?” he said as he opened the chamber.

Hours later, pressed by reporters, Mr. Reid said he won’t make a change now, “but ‘now’ is a relative term.”

Republicans say he’s running the Senate like a tyrant, which sounds like an accurate description. But he may be getting his marching orders from above.

Mr. Reid may be taking his lead on changing the rules from President Obama, who prodded the Senate last week. Speaking to donors at a Democratic fundraiser, Mr. Obama said lawmakers need to change “how a filibuster works.”

Mr. Reid’s immediate reaction at the time was to question the president. “Does he know we already did that?” the Senate leader asked. (Read More)

I guess he had time to think about it.

Harry Reid is a slime. I would love to see him stripped of his power in the fall, but Republicans will probably find a way to screw it up.