Gridlock In Washington – Blame It On Harry Reid


President Obama likes to blame House Republicans for the gridlock in Washington, DC. They pass plenty of bills, which Harry Reid shelves in the Senate. Reid even blocks bipartisan bills and amendments in the Senate, because he’s afraid Democrats might vote for things Obama doesn’t want. The Wall Street Journal noted Reid’s little problem that the rest of the media is happy to ignore.

The U.S. Senate failed to advance another piece of popular bipartisan legislation late Monday, and the reason tells the real story of Washington gridlock in the current Congress. To wit, Harry Reid has essentially shut down the Senate as a place to debate and vote on policy.

The Majority Leader’s strategy was once again on display as the Senate failed to get the 60 votes to move a popular energy efficiency bill co-sponsored by New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and Ohio Republican Rob Portman. Mr. Reid blamed the defeat on Republican partisanship. But the impasse really came down to Mr. Reid’s blockade against amendments that might prove politically difficult for Democrats.

The Nevadan used parliamentary tricks to block energy-related amendments to an energy bill. This blockade is now standard procedure as he’s refused to allow a vote on all but nine GOP amendments since last July. Mr. Reid is worried that some of these amendments might pass with support from Democrats, thus embarrassing a White House that opposes them. (Read More)

The next time you hear Democrats griping about gridlock in DC you know who to blame – Barack Obama and Harry Reid. Reid’s doing the dirty work, but he’s getting his marching orders from Obama.