GOP Candidate Asked To Leave For Pointing Out Reporter’s Disrespect


Republican candidates for the US Senate in Oregon met with staff from the newspaper Willamette Week, apparently each was seeking the paper’s endorsement. One candidate probably won’t receive it for pointing out the bias and disrespect displayed by one of the reporters.

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Candidate Joe Rae Perkins was answering a question and the reporter wrote “Blah, blah, blah” on his notepad. Candidate Mark Callahan saw what he wrote and called him out for it, saying Ms. Perkins deserved some respect. Instead of apologizing the reporter asked Callahan a question about climate change. Callahan responded that it’s a myth, and then the reporter asked him about the Easter Bunny. Callahan was not amused.

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“Are these really the questions that I was called here to answer?” a stunned Callahan asked. “I called you out for putting ‘blah blah blah’ on your notepad and now you’re asking me questions like this? Really? Really? Are we talking about this now? How about you ask a very serious and respectful question instead of asking a little childish question?”

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That’s when the paper’s editor told Callahan that he had two strikes against him and one more he would be asked to leave. Within moments Callahan was gone and the other candidates continued with the forum. If you ask me they all should have walked out.

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See below for the transcript of the exchange, via Grabien.

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CALLAHAN: “You want to talk about disrespect? I see what you’re writing down there. You just wrote down ‘blah blah blah, blah blah blah’ for everything that Jo Rae said. Joe Rae is a respectable woman. Why are you not respecting her by writing ‘blah blah blah blah blah’ on your notepad?”
UNKNOWN: “Mark, we’re going to move on. I’m going to ask a question and if you answer respectfully we might be willing to give –”
CALLAHAN: “You have to give respect to get respect. Right now, on that side of the table, you’re not giving very much respect . We’re wasting my time here.”
UNKNOWN: “Are we wasting our time by doing this?”
CALLAHAN: “I just see what your colleague here is putting down on his notepad, he put down ‘blah blah blah blah blah’ when Jo Rae was giving a very detailed and descript answer.”
UNKNOWN: “Mark, here’s my question: Climate change; do you believe it is a myth or a reality?”
CALLAHAN: “It’s a myth.”
JAQUISS: “It is?”
JAQUISS: “Where are you on the Easter bunny?”
CALLAHAN: “What’s that?”
JAQUISS: “I said where are you on the Easter bunny?”
UNKOWN: “I’ll stick to the questions –”
CALLAHAN: “Are these really the questions I was called here to answer? to [inaudible]? Really?”
UNKOWN: “Representative –”
CALLAHAN: “I called you out for putting ‘blah blah blah blah’ on your notepad and now you’re asking me questions like this? Really? Really? Are we talking about this now?”
UNKOWN: “Let’s move on.”
CALLAHAN: “All right, how about you ask a very serious and respectful question instead of asking silly childish questions?”
UNKOWN: “Mark, I just asked you if climate change was a myth or a reality.”
CALLAHAN: “And I answered your question.”
UNKOWN: “Can I now move on and get the response from somebody else, and if you’re not going to let me I’m going to ask you to leave, OK? That’s two strikes.”
CALLAHAN: “Who do you think you are?”
UNKOWN: “OK, you may leave now. Go ahead. You’re done here. This is neither a fair nor balanced meeting. This is a meeting for us to
CALLAHAN: “I know it’s a meeting being asked by disrespectful thin-skinned liberals like yourself.
UNKOWN 2: “There’s the door.”
CALLAHAN: “I have better things to do with my time.”
UNKNOWN: “You clearly do. Can you answer the question about climate change.”
UNKNOWN 3: “Yes. I actually view both sides of the climate debate as being incredible. You know, the computer models are only as good as what’s put into them.”

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