Democrats And Their Desperate Emails


It seems like every time I check my email there’s one from the Democrats. The DCCC sends them to my personal email account, OFA sends them to the email I use for the blog. They’re begging and grovelling for cash. Here’s just a sampling of what they put on the subject lines on Friday, in the order they were received:


All Hope Is Lost

Making Progress

Painful Defeat

We Keep Emailing

Good News (FINALLY!!!)

One was from Nancy Pelosi. One was from Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The last one was from a generic “Democrats 2014.” Here’s the text of the “good news” email:

We have some good news (finally):

Since President Obama asked you to help us fight Republican attacks, 42,371 people have stepped up. That’s in just 48 hours!

Now, we are just 10,330 supporters away from having our BEST MAY EVER!!!

If we can close this fundraising gap AND crush a huge grassroots record it will be a BRUTAL double whammy to Boehner and the Kochs. But we only have 24 hours left — so we have to move quickly!

We just ran our numbers and it looks like you haven’t stepped up yet. Karen — if you chip in today, we’ll triple-match your gift!

Name: Karen Beseth
Supporter record: 8888872
Suggested Support: $5.00


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Democrats 2014

Those are just the DCCC emails. OFA must have sent at least five today. One was from James Taylor, another was from his wife. They told me they’re big progressives who understand that change takes decades and if I donate $5 I can win tickets to see Taylor in Chicago. It will snow in hell before I send them five bucks.