Dem Rep Doesn’t Want Republicans To Vote On Election Day



Instead of bucking her destructive party and reaching out to conservative voters, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) wants Republican voters to stay home on election day. That’s what she told supporters at a recent fundraiser, according to Seacoast Online.

“The only way you can justify a tan in August is if you’ve marched in all of the political parades,” she joked, adding that citizens should invite those of like minds to garner as much support as possible for the Democratic Party. Of those not planning to vote for Democratic candidates, she suggested, “maybe keep them home.” She referred to the fight against Republicans as a game of “Whac-A-Mole.”

It didn’t take NRCC spokesman Ian Prior long to pounce on her comment. He responded in an email:

“In Carol Shea-Porter’s scary vision of America, there are no Republicans, Independents, or Democrats – there are just liberal Democrats. Fortunately for Granite State voters who happen to disagree with Shea-Porter’s dangerous fantasy of one-party rule, they will have an opportunity this November to vote against Shea-Porter and her blind support for Obamacare and the destructive Obama-Pelosi agenda.”

If you vote Republican there’s a chance you might vote in someone decent. If you vote Democrat all you’re voting for is to put Pelosi back in power to help Obama complete the implementation of his agenda. What a scary thought.