DC Wants To Tax Insurance Companies To Pay For Obamacare


It might not be legal, but Democrats don’t concern themselves with following the law, so they’re pushing ahead with plans to tax insurers in Washington, DC to pay for Obamacare, even the ones not selling policies on the exchange. Gee, do you think the insurers will pass the tax along to customers?

Washington, D.C. will tax all insurers selling policies to district residents to fund the city’s Obamacare exchange.

The plan was proposed by DC Health Link, D.C.’s exchange. The city’s health care law marketplace was allotted $133 million in federal grants to launch, but along with all the state marketplaces, was expected to be soon be sustainable on its own via a flat tax placed on each insurance plan sold through the marketplace.

When taxing those buying insurance didn’t turn out to be as lucrative as Congress had hoped, D.C., along with several other states, began to look at taxing those selling insurance instead.

The Obamacare exchange has a 2015 budget of $28.8 million and hopes to fill its coffers by collecting another fee from insurers. (Read More)

H/T The Pirate’s Cove