Why Is No One Going To Jail?



“Why is no one going to jail?” That is what Joe Wurzelbacher asked Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) during a conference call with reporters and bloggers Tuesday night. Attorney General Eric Holder (Gohmert’s new “buddy”) is in contempt of Congress, Lois Lerner is in contempt of Congress, Hillary Clinton lied to Congress, yet nobody is in jail. There’s an outside chance Lerner could go to jail, but it’s unlikely, given that GOP leadership isn’t doing much about anything.

Gohmert said that anytime anyone mentions the word “impeachment” it “sucks all the air out,” and all of the other issues get ignored. He went on to explain that even if Republican leadership was serious about holding Obama administration officials accountable and appointing a special prosecutor, the Senate and executive branch would shut it down. Gohmert would like to see Congress use the “power of the purse” to deny a paycheck to the Attorney General, but we all know that’s not going to happen. So in a nutshell, leadership won’t act and nobody is going to jail, at least nobody connected to any of the Obama administration’s many scandals.

Many other important topics were covered during the call, including Gohmert’s new PAC GOH Conservative that will “help raise money for conservatives in tough races.” I would contribute but with so much of our money going to feed the beast of the federal government there isn’t much left over for political contributions.

I found it odd that the economy, taxes, government spending and the national debt weren’t addressed, especially on tax day. I would have asked if the federal government was just going to run on continuing resolutions until President Obama is out of office, but I wasn’t called on to ask a question. I had a chance to pipe up at the end, but by that point I had to make sure my kids had a snack and brushed their teeth before bed. Maybe those issues will be addressed in the next call. If you ask me people should be in jail over this never ending Ponzi scheme of generational theft.

Image via Joe for America