Why Does Harry Reid Hate Cancer Patients?


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) recently took to the Senate floor to call a cancer patient a liar. This week his crusade against cancer patients who are getting shafted by Obamacare continues. He dismissed the concerns of a fellow Senator, who is also a doctor and a cancer patient, as merely “getting into the weeds.”

Reid reacted Tuesday to an observation by his colleague, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., who noted that the majority of cancer centers in the country aren’t covered under ObamaCare.

“Dr. Coburn is very good at getting into the weeds and trying to find something that he thinks makes sense,” said Reid.

“But I think we need to look at the overall context of this bill” — a reference to the Democratic mantra that stories of people hurt by ObamaCare are merely anecdotes. …

Reid coldly dismisses people such as Edie Sundby, a stage four cancer patient, who was told that the plan that had paid out $1.2 million and helped her survive all these years was substandard and would be canceled because it didn’t contain the one-size-fits-all coverage mandates of ObamaCare.

Coburn said that under ObamaCare we’ll be hearing many more such “anecdotes” from people unable to find not only affordable coverage but necessary treatment, as cancer centers opt out of ObamaCare because it doesn’t cover the costs of such treatment.

“Nineteen of the cancer centers in this country, only five are covered under ObamaCare,” he told the Washington Examiner Tuesday.

Coburn attributes the low number to the cut-rate payments the Affordable Care Act provides for those treatments.

“You know, it’s a market,” Coburn said, “and what they’ve done is they’ve priced it where these cancer centers, a lot of them, aren’t going to participate because they don’t get paid to cover the costs.”

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This is the superior care Nancy Pelosi blabbered about, you know, because they really didn’t intend to cover all of those uninsured Americans.

Oh, and in other Obamacare news, employers are saying it will cost them about five grand more per employee. So when workers start seeing those costs deducted from their paychecks expect Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to dismiss them as liars, too. Or maybe they’ll just suggest that they de-couple from work and go on Medicaid.