Wanna Snitch On Neighbors For Wasting Energy? There’s An App For That!


We already receive a monthly energy report from our utility provider telling us that our old house uses more energy than our neighbors. Soon those neighbors will have an app available to snitch on us if they catch us leaving lights on when we’re not home, or wasting water.

There’s no reason for offices to be lit up all night if no one’s around. If seeing a bright skyline pisses you off as much as it inspires awe, LightsOut will help you channel your annoyance.

The app LightsOut was just born at Boston’s Cleanweb Hackathon earlier this month, where it won the grand prize, so you can’t blame creator Spencer Lawrence for not having a slick, fully functional app yet. (It should be more user-ready in seven months, after help from an accelerator program.) Lawrence, a former energy auditor, and his friend John Massie got plenty of inspiration for LightsOut just by walking around during the hackathon: …

They say it’s like a “crowdsources energy audit.” Doesn’t that sound like fun?

The writer above compares it to an app intended to stop sexual harassment. William Teach points out the irony since this LightsOut thing is a form of harassment.