Video: The Media Has A Fever That Only Thomas Picketty Can Cure!



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Until audio of Donald Sterling spewing racial hatred was released the media couldn’t stop talking about French economist Thomas Picketty’s new book Capital in the 21st Century. I haven’t read it but it’s been impossible to miss the buzz about it. It sounds like a rewrite of Marx’s Das Kapital, and I read somewhere that Picketty admitted he doesn’t like leaving France. The book is all about income inequality, the Democrats’ favorite topic. (They never mention how income inequality has gotten worse since they took over.) Since it’s the Democrats’ favorite topic, it’s also the media’s favorite topic. Watch this video montage Grabien put together showing them gushing over this guy. I haven’t seen them this excited since the 2008 election.

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Related Reading: The Washington Examiner’s editorial today on Picketty and economic opportunity.

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Update: Well, what do you know. Picketty ventured outside of his beloved France and visited Washington, DC. He and Matthew Yglesias pondered the plight of poor over $16 drinks at the St. Regis Hotel. How typical.

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