Obamacare Subsidies Will Be Given To Those With Questionable Immigration Status


How many times have the Democrats assured us that illegal immigrants will not be eligible for Obamacare subsidies? Well, that’s turned out to be another lie. The administration quietly announced earlier this month that applicants with questionable immigration status will be “presumed eligible for subsidized coverage in Obamacare’s marketplaces while a further review is pending.” The Federalist raises some questions about this new directive.

While Obamacare specifically says undocumented immigrants are not eligible for subsidized coverage in the exchanges, it’s hard to see this directive to insurers as anything but an encouragement to willfully disregard the spirit of the statute. How long will it take to verify these questionable applications? How much money is being spent right now to subsidize such coverage? How would the government recoup any taxpayer dollars spent subsidizing illegal immigrants who inappropriately obtained subsidies? […]

At each turn in the creation of the exchange structure, the administration basically said “trust us” on implementation. Now they’re saying “trust us” on whether or not the eligibility of these applications with questionable immigration status will be confirmed in a timely way. Of course, they’d never stoop to playing politics with the enforcement of the law to try to boost subsidized enrollment, regardless of whether or not recipients are qualified… would they?

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