Obama Touts Obamacare, Mocks Republicans


Despite the fact that 6 out of 10 Americans believe President Obama is a liar, he was out today taking another victory lap because he was able to compel 8 million Americans to sign up for Obamacare. We still don’t know how many have paid, or how many signed up after their old insurance was dumped.

In his speech he delivered several whoppers. He said the American people don’t want to see Obamacare repealed, and that insurance costs are now growing at half the rate they were before this rotten law went into effect. I think I’ll send him the bill for my premiums, because he’s obviously living on a different planet.

Of course lying about this monstrosity he and his fellow Democrats created wasn’t enough. He also felt the need to taunt Republicans, and the Americans who voted for them.

Mr. Obama said he is open to changes in his law, but it will require a “change in attitude” among Republicans, arguing some within the GOP ranks view any change to the law as a concession to the White House.

“It’s hard in that environment to actually get it done,” Mr. Obama said, mocking the GOP for going through “stages of grief” over his law.

He also said he does not expect to see any Republicans reach out to him ahead of the midterm elections in November. (Read More)

Why would they reach out to him? So he can say things like “I won”? Not to mention that he barely even talks to people in his own party.

He also said the repealing Obamacare “makes no sense” and will “harm Americans.” He ought to tell that to Margaret Figueroa.