Obama And EPA Chief Spewing Tons Of CO2 On Earth Day


Happy Earth Day! President Obama and his EPA chief Gina McCarthy are celebrating by jetting around the country spewing tons of carbon dioxide. McCarthy is taking fire from environmental groups for her fossil fueled Earth Day tour that’s lasting all week.

A national nonprofit environmental group is turning up the heat on the Environmental Protection Agency for sending its chief on an Earth Day-themed tour to call for action on climate change, arguing the multi-city excursion will hurt the environment.

The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility says the greenhouse gases generated by EPA administrator Gina McCarthy’s week-long, five-city tour will “far exceed” any concrete action on climate change from her travels.

“Frenetically jetting around the country appears to undercut [the] EPA’s message to ordinary Americans that they should conserve, consume less and reduce transportation pollution,” PEER Executive Director Jeff said in a statement. (Read More)

Ya think?

The Daily Mail reports that Obama’s travels for Earth Day alone will consume tens of thousands of gallons of fuel and spew almost 400 tons of CO2. But don’t worry, he’s going to plant a few trees.

President Barack Obama is marking the 44th Earth Day with a carbon-emitting extravaganza, spending more than 15 hours on Air Force One and 15 minutes aboard the Marine One helicopter.

Not including his motorcades in Oso, Washington, the site of a recent devastating mudslide, his trip will consume an estimated 35,565 gallons of fuel.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the statistics arm of the Department of Energy, burning each gallon emits 21.1 pounds of carbon dioxide, bringing the president’s Earth Day carbon footprint to more than 375.7 tons.

The White House did not respond to a question about any measures it might be taking – planting trees, for instance – to offset those emissions. (Read More)

For liberals in power it’s always “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Update: In somewhat related news, Sierra Club officials drive gas guzzlers.