Non-Violent Offender?


They really are crazy in California. Check out this story:

A man on probation as a “non-violent offender” under California’s prison realignment program has been charged with kidnapping, raping, and torturing a 16-year-old girl in South Los Angeles, and detectives suspect he may be connected to three other recent murders. Robert L. Ranson, 30, was arrested in late March after the girl escaped from a U-Haul van in an alley near Imperial Highway and New Hampshire Ave., according to police and booking records. The girl was covered in gasoline and said her attacker, later identified as Ranson, had tied her hands and taped her mouth, and was trying to light her on fire when she ran away, naked.

The reason this nutball was considered a “non-violent” offender is that his last conviction was for possession of a firearm by a felon, even though he previously served time for two carjackings and assault with a firearm. Remember, California is run by Democrats who want to disarm law-abiding citizens, but this guy who violated the gun laws already on the books is considered to be non-violent? Even more disturbing is that right around the corner feminists are promoting this new “rape culture” theme, but they don’t seem to have a problem with guys like Robert Ranson.

There are layers of irony here. At Occidental College, radical feminist Professor Caroline Heldman is stoking “rape culture” paranoia, but the same left-wing mentality supports Gov. Jerry Brown and his early-release program for “non-violent” offenders.

It’s only about a half-hour drive from South L.A., where this poor 16-year-old girl escaped Robert Ranson, to the campus of Occidental College, where rich girls scream about “rape culture.” Whatever any girl at Occidental has suffered, I’m reasonably sure none of them have been kidnapped, tied up, tortured and covered with gasoline by a psycho convict who tried to light them on fire.

If Jerry Brown’s “non-violent offenders” ever started preying on rich girls — like those spoiled-brat feminists at Occidental, where tuition is $46,952 a year — maybe California Democrats would care. (Read More)

It should be obvious to anyone paying attention that Democrats today only care about one thing, and that is staying in power. Why do you think they want to allow felons to vote?

H/T Daley Gator