NJ Newspaper Says The Koch Brothers Are ‘Hurting Human Beings’


Once a Democrat chooses a target the liberals in the media are more than happy to zero in on that target with the zeal of a fat guy at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Just take the example of Harry Reid’s war against the Koch brothers, who employ tens of thousands of Americans but don’t support the right political party. You’d think they were running for political office with the way they’re being attacked. Chris Wysocki couldn’t miss the front page story in his New Jersey newspaper that actually reported that they are “hurting human beings,” and “making America more dangerous.”

The article makes it clear — if the Koch Brothers aren’t prevented from using their money to influence politics, PEOPLE WILL DIE! Nevermind that they’re fifty-ninth on the all-time donation list, behind at least 18 different labor unions.

Because progressive groups who spend money on politics are knights in shining armor with hearts of gold. It’s only evil rethuglicans who thwart the forces of light with their dirty oil money. And just to make sure we know which side the Ledger is on, here’s the highlighted quote:

“The Koch brothers are not only affecting elections and thwarting governance; they are hurting human beings.”

Got it? The Koch brothers kill people. With their bare hands, while cackling malevolently too.

The mendacity of the Ledger’s blood libel is staggering. And par for the course.

Harry Reid couldn’t have said it better himself. And come to think of it, he probably did, while giving the Ledger their marching orders.

Read the whole thing.

H/T Bad Blue