Hypocrite Dan Maffei Buys Up $1 Million Ad Blitz


Rep. Dan Maffei (D-NY) who says it’s time to get money out of politics, just bought up $1 million in air time to run ads against his opponent, John Katko, in the midterm election.

He plans to flood our local airways from late summer until election day, but I’m sure he won’t mention how he was for Obamacare before he was against it.

Dan Maffei is a Washington insider backed by rich and powerful people, who came back to Central New York for one reason – to win a seat in Congress. After being fired once by the voters he came back again and managed to pull out a win. Then he bought a $700,000 house in the DC suburbs.

His party is willing to spend a lot of money to help him retain his seat, but the GOP doesn’t seem interested in helping John Katko defeat him. So it’s up to us.

Update: I almost forgot, the local Republicans have filed a lawsuit to keep Maffei off of the Working Families Party line. He couldn’t find someone locally to embrace the suck and hit the pavement to get petitions for him, so he brought someone in from Georgia.

Update 2: Something else I almost forgot – I spoke to Mr. Katko a few months ago and asked him about immigration reform. He said (I’m paraphrasing) “We shouldn’t reward people who break the law.” Maybe that’s why the national GOP is ignoring him.

Update: Thank you to The Daley Gator for the link and including me in the list of the 25 best blogs!