GOP Candidate For New York Governor Has Kids Opt Out Of Common Core Testing


Westchester County Executive and Republican candidate for New York governor Rob Astorino is having his kids opt out of Common Core testing this week. Here in Central New York hundreds of children are opting out. My 7th grader told me there are at least three kids in his grade that sat out the test today. They came to school late, but other kids in New York who opt out are left to sit and stare for hours while other students take the exams.

Astorino had a message for Governor Cuomo: “Our children aren’t guinea pigs.” Later he said that “Cuomo’s Common Core may be damaging their education, not helping it.” If test scores from last year are any guide he’s right.

Here’s the video he released yesterday discussing his opposition to Common Core.

If you have 40 minutes to kill watch this documentary on Common Core, it’s a disaster. (Common Core, not the documentary.) (Via Zilla)

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