Full Time Private Sector Workers Outnumbered By Those Receiving Benefits


Are you still feeling the sting of your federal income tax payments? I know I am and once we get over it we’ll be sending another quarterly payment to the IRS. Someone has to work and pay for the number of Americans receiving benefits, who outnumber full time workers in the private sector.

Terence Jeffrey crunched the numbers for CNS News and it’s quite alarming. It’s a totally unsustainable 86,429,000 workers carrying the load of a whopping 147,802,000 beneficiaries. How long can this go on, or as Jeffrey asked “How much more can the 86,429,000 endure?” That doesn’t even include all of the government workers the private sector is supporting, many of whom are doing much better than we are. No wonder our taxes are so high.

Rush Limbaugh picked up on this earlier, and mentioned how in the 1980’s it took four or five workers to support one retiree on Social Security. Everyone was worried about it back then, but now we have baby boomers retiring and collecting benefits at the same age but living longer. So we have fewer and fewer workers left to pay into the whole scheme. Something’s going to give at some point.

So you’ve got 86 million private sector workers, back bone of America, sustaining 148 million benefit takers.  Now, not all of the 148 million are unemployed.  Some of them work part-time or what have you, but that’s the number of people getting some sort of federal benefit.  And, of course, for anybody to get a federal benefit, somebody working has to be taxed, is the point.

Now, this is a number that cannot be sustained for very long and the direction we’re going it can’t be sustained, because eventually 86 million is gonna become 80 and then 75, and at some point they’re gonna throw their hands up and they’re gonna refuse.  Their tax rates are gonna get so high, the money taken from them will mount up to so much in order to pay for the 160 million down the road benefit takers, they’re just gonna refuse to pay the tax rate.  That’s where this kind of thing is headed, and it’s been going in this direction.

You hear politicians talk about “kicking the can down the road.”  They don’t want to deal with this now.  Leave it for the next Congress.  Leave it for the next administration.  This is why there’s a Tea Party.  At some point we’re not gonna be able to kick it down the road.  At some point it’s gonna have to be dealt with, and that is when America stops looking like America. That’s when it looks like the Great Depression.  That’s when it looks like deterioration all over the place, and we’re headed in that direction, as that number indicates.  (Read More)

Later a caller asked when people will wake up to what’s happening, and Rush pointed out that he’s been asking himself that question for years. The Democrats do everything possible to keep people from waking up. They try to scare women into thinking Republicans will take away birth control, or keep their wages low. They hurl charges of racism at the drop of a hat. They distract and divide, anything to keep people from recognizing what is happening to their standard of living and why it’s happening.

I know what would wake people up. It’s what I said the other day – put an end to withholding taxes from paychecks. If people felt the pain of what the government is doing to them all at one time they would revolt. I know I’m ready to revolt.