EPA Experiments On Humans Included Children


The EPA’s experiments on humans are back in the news again, at least online. We heard about it previously in 2012 (see here and here). The latest is an inspector general report finding that they conducted these dangerous experiments to push President Obama’s agenda. (Turn down your speakers, link contains an auto play video, so does the next link.)

The big news is that children were among the subjects exposed to the pollutants the EPA says are dangerous.

In February of 2013, JunkScience.com reported that the EPA gave USC money in the mid 2000’s to find out whether diesel exhaust could “induce reproducible gene expression” in children. From a USC grant in the EPA extramural research grants database, the original December 14, 2012 document showed diesel exposures to children. What now sits on that database is a strongly edited description of the diesel tests on the children. Part of the the experiment’s goal was to examine how particulate matter affects “Asthma in Susceptible Children.”

Junk Science made a Freedom of Information Act request to the EPA to explain the deletion and alteration of its database of the documentation regarding diesel experiments on children. The EPA’s response to JunkScience was that the deletion was due to a technical mishap.

Yeah, sure it was.