EPA Delayed Rule To Help Democrats Avoid Tough Vote


The folks at the Environmental Protection Agency don’t pay much heed to whether the rules and regulations they put in place will damage the economy. Well, unless there’s an election coming up. Then they will delay the rules so Democrats can avoid tough votes they would have to explain during campaign season. That’s what it appears they did with a climate change rule that was released to the public months before it was submitted to the Federal Register. The delay means a vote to repeal the rule cannot take place until after the midterm elections. So they have no problem with wrecking the economy as long as they don’t hurt Democrats’ chances of retaining their power.

Politico has the details:

Newly released documents are fueling GOP questions about whether EPA put politics ahead of policy by publishing a controversial climate rule so late that it will allow red-state Senate Democrats to dodge a difficult vote.

The records also contradict the congressional testimony of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, who told senators early this year that her agency had submitted the rule to the Federal Register “as soon as that proposal was released.”

But in fact, EPA didn’t submit the rule to the Federal Register until Nov. 25, more than two months after the agency released it to the public. And the Federal Register didn’t publish it until Jan. 8.

The delay means that the soonest congressional Republicans can force a vote on repealing the rule is January 2015 — months after the vote would pose a tricky political dilemma for some Democrats seeking reelection. (Read More)

Gee, how do you think Senate Democrats will vote when they know they’re safe for another six years?