Chicago School System Promoting Food Stamps


According to the Daily Caller the Chicago public school system is promoting food stamps and Medicaid to parents using robocalls. As if there aren’t enough people already receiving benefits, they want to get more to sign up, all according to the plan of Cloward and Piven.

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“Currently there are 68,000 children in the Chicago Public Schools that are not enrolled in free or low-cost health insurance and SNAP also knows as food stamps,” the recording, obtained by The Daily Caller, says. “Your child may be one of them. To find out more about your eligibility call the Children and Family Benefits Unit at 773-553-KIDS.”

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“Or visit your child’s school and ask the clerk for a Children and Family Benefits Unit flier,” the message added.

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The Chicago Public School website explains the Children and Family Benefits Unit (CFBU) “works to ensure that CPS families receive those benefits to which they are entitled.”

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Part of ensuring these families receive benefits to which they are entitled includes outreach. (Read More)

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