Can An Eighteen-Year Old Safely Use Anabolic Steroids?

One of the devastating news items making the headlines now in most countries is teenagers stuck with the anabolic steroid fever. You really cannot blame them when there is enough news circulating about the famous athletes and celebrities who started using steroids at a very tender age and are doing great. These athletes, body builders and super stars are often the role model of the newer generation who are hung up on the exterior bulkiness than levelheadedness of the mind.

Controversy Pertaining to Use of Steroids in Young Age

But coming back to the question whether an eighteen year old can safely use anabolic steroids or not, all that can be said is that there are many schools of thought over here as well. Of course those who are born to advocate the use of steroids say that with a little bit of discipline, an 18 year old can indeed use anabolic steroids safely and successfully. According to this school of thought the teenager has to be equipped with the right base line knowledge about how steroids work and how your body can learn to adjust with it.

However, the widely accepted stance on the subject is that unless the teenager has to be geared for a performance, there is no need for stuffing himself with a hormone overdose which will eventually halt the natural growth process in his body.

Anabolic steroids can be nothing but bad news for a young adult, whose body is still on its way to expansion and transformation. Although the concept behind using the steroids is to catalyst the growth of muscles, in the long term, the on and off use of steroids will actually bring the growth of muscles and tissues to a halt.

Building Body With or Without Steroids

If you really want to build up when you are young, then show some dedication and devotion towards your body. Don’t try to look for an easy way out, because this easy way out can really be an alluring way to trip into the pit of hormonal imbalances. On the other hand, choosing a balanced diet and one that provides for a healthy protein build up coupled with weight lifting exercises is surely going to build up a muscle mass that is true genre and is meant to last.

A few of the side benefits that you would be gaining besides it would be,

  • A positive outlook upon life
  • Brimming confidence levels
  • Heightened sex drive and performance and
  • Of course admirable health.

There is no arguing that every user of steroids, and this is especially applicable for teenagers, experiences side effects. Steroids use is always accompanied with side effects. They may vary from one person to another, depending upon,

  • The steroid cycles he is using
  • The steroid stacks he is choosing and
  • The diet he is consuming.

Let’s examine a few of the side effects that an 18 year old can face and be assured that none of these is pretty.

  • High Blood Pressure

This is one of the most common steroids side effects that one starts to experience after the use of steroids begins. High blood pressure can be quite disturbing in daily life; not to mention hazardous for the health of the heart as well.

  • Baldness

At 18 years of age, whether you are a boy or a girl, you don’t want to experience patterned baldness, do you?

  • Breast Enlargement and Reduction

While boys develop increased chances of breast enlargement due to steroids, in females, breasts generally start to reduce.

  • Diminished Sex Drive

At the brink of adulthood, no one wants the sex drive to diminish but the use of steroids will most certainly have such an effect. Not only that, the testicles also start to shrink.

  • Aggressiveness in Behaviour

The entire uncontrolled hormonal imbalance in body turns into pure aggression in behaviour.