Boehner Challenger JD Winteregg Releases Plan To Secure Border


JD Winteregg is challenging House Speaker John Boehner in a May 6 primary. You may have heard of him today when news broke that he lost his job teaching at Cedarville University over a racy campaign ad he previously released. His blogger call Monday evening was over a much more serious topic – securing the border.

Winteregg calls his plan the BEST plan which consists of the following:

  • Bond paid at the border
  • E-Verify becomes permanent
  • Secure the border
  • Ten percent foreign worker tax

Winteregg was joined on the call by border security advocates including filmmaker Chris Burgard, Arizona Rancher Fred Davis, filmmaker and Hudspeth County Sheriff Public Information Officer Rusty Fleming, and Dr. Michael and Linda Vickers who are ranchers and Texas Border Volunteers. All stressed the pressing need to secure the border. Ranchers living there need to arm themselves to tend to their cattle thanks to the armed paramilitary thugs running drugs across the border. US border patrol agents are demoralized because they get their orders from Washington, DC so basically their hands are tied. Rusty Fleming summed it up when he said the help they get from DC is “like visiting a proctologist for a dental appointment.”

The call lasted an hour and I could go on but I’d rather just get to the details of Winteregg’s proposal.

First of all, it does not address the illegal immigrants who are already here. Winteregg said that is a separate issue and the focus now should be on the immediate need to secure the border. Once that is done they can decide what to do about the illegals who are here.

Winteregg said the 10% foreign worker tax will go in part to reimburse hospitals for the cost of providing care to immigrants. The other portion will go towards helping them return to their country of origin. He couldn’t say who will collect the tax, which could be a problem. Politicians aren’t exactly known for spending money as intended.

The bond of $1,000 would be collected upon entry. This is a better deal than immigrants get from the cartels and smugglers who charge between $4,000 and $7,000 to assist in illegal border crossings. Plus, under this plan the bond would eventually be returned.

The plan is certainly worthy of debate, regardless of how the May 6 primary turns out.

You can find out more about Winteregg’s campaign here.

Below is the video announcing the BEST plan for securing the border.

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