250 UPS Employees Fired After Walking Off The Job


I’ve never understood the mentality that one can just up and walk off a job and expect to keep that job. But that’s the union mentality, even in this miserable economy that has been anything but kind to working class Americans. Some United Parcel Service are about to find out just how unkind this economy is after UPS said “enough is enough” and fired them for walking off the job.

In a move that may make some union members think twice about attempting to bully companies into personnel decisions, UPS recently fired 250 Queens, NY drivers for walking off the job. Back in February, a long-time employee, who was a driver for 24 years as well as a union activist, was let go. In response, 250 drivers walked off the job for 90 minutes. (Read More)

Get ready for protests and complaints to the NLRB.

The teamsters are furious, but the company is sticking to its guns, saying that the workers knew they risked their jobs by walking off the job.

These are good jobs we’re talking about – in the $30 per hour range with decent benefits. It’s incredible that these workers weren’t thankful that they had jobs. I almost feel bad for some of them, as the union has no doubt fomented this sense of entitlement. But I doubt they see it that way. Either way, they’re in for a rude awakening.

Local politicians threatened the company, but UPS officials said that if they follow through with those threats even more workers could lose their jobs.