What’s With Lena Dunham And The Molestation Jokes?


Lena Dunham is the star of the HBO show “Girls” who gets naked a lot. You might remember her from the creepy video she made about voting for Barack Obama. She appeared on “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend and apparently her performance was awful. Oh, and she got naked. Some viewers weren’t impressed and criticized her on twitter. She responded by making a molestation joke. Then she deleted the offensive tweet and blamed her bad judgment on being tired before using the fact that she’s a girl as an excuse, even though she’s an adult.

As it turns out, this wasn’t the first time Dunham joked about being molested.

So, why would this young, moderately successful feminist joke about something as horrible as molestation and incest? Stacy McCain wonders if there’s more to the story.

Can we say issues, boys and girls? I think we can.

Twitchy points out that Dunham has made uncle molestation “jokes” before and — I think this is highly relevant — many women who identify as feminists (as Dunham adamantly does) have personal histories of previous sexual abuse, so that “the personal is political” becomes a way to make their grievances with specific victimizers part of an ideology that generalizes such abuse into a narrative of oppression. And if you dare to question the politicization of individual trauma, then you are a misogynist who is “blaming the victim.”

Let me digress briefly to remind you that (a) Democrats have signaled that they plan to recycle the “War on Women” meme for the 2014 mid-term campaign; (b) the whole Todd Akin episode in 2012 shows how Democrats routinely turn policy debates into discussions of rape and incest; and (c) the looming menace of Hillary Clinton in 2016 means that conservatives need to get serious about isolating feminist rhetorical tactics as an issue. But I digress . . .(Read More)

We don’t know what made Lena Dunham the way she is, but Stacy’s theory is certainly plausible. If she was victimized as a child she has my sympathy and could probably use some professional help. If she wasn’t a victim, and just thinks it’s funny to crack jokes about sexual abuse, then she’s probably beyond help. Either way, the Democrats and progressives won’t care as they will be more than happy to use her as a tool to advance their agenda.

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