Video: Mother Of Five Calls Losing Health Plan A ‘Kick In The Gut’



Americans for Prosperity is out with another devastating ad highlighting an American family hurt by Obamacare. The video features Shannon Wendt of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She’s a mother of five, telling the story of losing her family health plan thanks to Obamacare. She said when they found out it felt like a “kick in the gut.”

In the ad, Mrs. Wendt said “Obamacare has been nothing but headache and struggle. Our health insurance plan was cancelled because of Obamacare. I was shocked. I thought this has to be wrong.” She went on to point out the lies told by President Obama and Rep. Gary Peters about keeping your plan if you like it. But it’s her final line that will really hit home. “Congressman Peters’ vote for Obamacare is a vote that’s destroying the middle class.” (See the video below.)

I wonder how long it will be until Harry Reid takes to the Senate floor to call Mrs. Wendt a liar.

I know the feeling, even though the policy we buy through our small family business hasn’t exactly been “cancelled,” for the past two years our premiums have gone up considerably “to remain compliant with the Affordable Care Act.” Along with the higher premium we have a higher deductible. Three years ago we could have bought the policy we have now for about half the cost it’s going to be starting next month when we renew. How is that affordable? How is that good for the economy? Money we would be spending to take the kids to visit their grandfather in Florida, or to replace our old furniture, improve our home or save for college is instead going to the insurance company and meeting the deductibles.

In related news, The New York Times has an opinion piece by a guy who is jealous of his dog’s health insurance. That’s what we’ve come to.