Video: Julie Boonstra Won’t Be Silenced



Last month Americans for Prosperity ran an ad featuring Julie Boonstra, a leukemia victim who lost the health insurance policy she like because of Obamacare. Congressman Gary Peters turned around and threatened TV stations that aired the ad, and Senate Leader Harry Reid called her a liar. She was also fact-checked by the media, all for telling her story.

Well, Julie Boonstra hasn’t been silenced, and is speaking out in another powerful ad by AFP.

My name is Julie Boonstra, and I have leukemia. Being diagnosed with cancer, that was the scariest thing that  I’ve ever faced. Because of Obamacare I am now stuck with a plan that doesn’t work for me. My choice was taken away from me. All I want is to be listened to. There are thousands of people out there who are hurting because of Obamacare. When I heard that Congressman Peters was going after my credibility it was devastating. I just want Congressman Peters to help me, to listen to me. Instead he’s trying to silence me. Cancer is hard enough, I just want to be happy with my plan, and I want it for everyone else out there that’s being hurt by this. I’m trying to speak out for you, and I’m trying to get Washington to listen to us.

That’s gonna leave a mark.


Also, AFP President Tim Phillips released the following statement blasting Harry Reid for his nasty attack on victims of Obamacare:

“Americans know better than to take lessons in civic virtue from Senator Reid, a career politician who has spent decades in Congress, and now descends from his Ritz Carlton penthouse to mislead Americans. It’s laughable that Senator Reid is trying to preach about the importance of credibility, when he has been one of the most vocal defenders of President Obama’s ‘Lie of the Year.’ Instead of taking responsibility for ObamaCare’s failures, Senator Reid and his allies are going after those who have been harmed by the law and brave enough to speak out – and Americans for Prosperity, for giving these Americans a voice.

“Senator Reid is desperately trying to shift the public’s attention away from the health care law by, once again, attacking David and Charles Koch. Ironically, David and Charles create more jobs, more prosperity, and more well-being for Americans in a single year than Senator Reid and his big government policies will in a lifetime.

“At the end of the day, these attacks from the left don’t change the facts about ObamaCare – that it’s leading to cancelled plans, higher costs, lost access to doctors, and stifling economic growth. Unfortunately for Senator Reid and his friends in Congress, Julie – and the millions of other Americans being harmed by ObamaCare – are not going to just sit down and shut up. Mr. Reid is overwhelmingly underestimating the courage of these individuals; attacks from a powerful Senator will not silence them.”