Ted Cruz Kicks Off CPAC 2014 – Update – Video Added


Ted Cruz kicked off CPAC 2014 this morning and brought the crowd to it’s feet. He touched on all of the major issues, including saying “we need to audit the Fed.” He concluded by saying “We need to turn this country around. We did it in 1980. … We need to bring back ‘Morning in America.'”

Watch, it’s 20 minutes of awesome:

I’ll post the video when it’s available. As usual, I’ve been having internet connection issues.

If you can’t be here, no problem, you can watch the CPAC speeches live at Fox News.

This is the view we have from the media filing center.

CPAC media center

Update: If you’re short on time here’s a clip of Cruz saying we need to abolish the IRS. That’s a popular notion we can all get behind.