So, That ‘Reset’ With Russia Isn’t Going So Well



Part of the Obama administration’s “Smart Power” foreign policy was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s infamous “Reset” with Russia. Five years later, it appears that the smart power and the reset were all about diminishing the influence of the United States in the rest of the world.

Hugh Hewitt interviewed a bunch of reporters, pundits and elected officials to see if any one of them could name even one major foreign policy success during Clinton’s tenure at State. They all came up blank, with the exception of pulling our troops out of Iraq. We’ve all seen how that turned out, with the al Qaeda flag flying over Falluja. Oh, and she traveled a bazillion miles.

In all fairness, she was carrying out the foreign policy of the man who appointed her, Barack Obama. (Not that they aren’t cut from the same cloth. If she disagreed with his foreign policy, she could have just declined the job offer.) As Russia sent more troops into Ukraine, he was at happy hour with the DNC. Other than retreat, he’s not the least bit serious on foreign policy. He didn’t even bother to attend when his national security team met to discuss the escalating situation in Ukraine. The Nobel Peace Prize winner delivered another lame, meaningless warning, and in his mind his work was done. Who out there truly believes the Russians aren’t feeling emboldened by this feckless foreign policy? Fifty years to win the Cold War, five years to undo it. It’s almost like it was by design.

There is only one question left to ask in my mind: Is the defeat of the United States, the emasculation of it’s international prestige, the abandonment of our allies and the gutting of our military a bug or a feature to President Barack Obama?

If five years ago someone asked me that question I would have called them crazy,

That I am asking this question and honestly don’t now the answer, saddens me beyond belief. (Read More)

The bad actors in the world are well aware that the US has become a paper tiger. Obama’s busy getting more people signed up for food stamps, extending unemployment benefits, destroying health insurance, thinking up ways to spend even more of our tax dollars, and gutting the military. He’s purged top military leadership, and now wants to cut the military to pre-WWII levels. What does that tell you? What does that tell the rest of the world?

So now Russia is moving to divide Ukraine and annex Crimea. Then they’ll move on to their next project, with nothing but a few lame warnings and tut-tuts from the alleged leader of the free world. At the New Republic Julia Ioffe says there’s nothing the US or the UN can do to stop the Russians. She’s probably right. Too bad she didn’t mention that thanks to Obama’s foreign policy there’s no deterrent to Putin doing whatever he wants. Obama won’t even agree to impose new sanctions on Iran, so why would Putin take anything he says seriously?

Elections have consequences. Not just for us here in the US, but for the world. Mission accomplished.