Senator Inhofe: Why Is Obama Spending $120 Billion On Climate Change?


Doocy Inhofe

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) appeared on Fox and Friends Thursday morning and asked why the Obama administration spent $120 billion (with a B) on climate change. He mentioned how the administration has cut military spending, but they’re wasting money on this.

He told Steve Doocy, “Let me put this in perspective because I remember I was on your show five years ago. Five years ago when Obama first came out with his first budget, I went to Afghanistan so I could respond to his disarming of America. In that first budget he did away with our only fifth generation fighter, the F-22, did away with our lift capacity, B-17 future combat system, ground base interceptor, all that. That was just the first year, the first budget. Since then, he has taken out 800 — I’m sorry, $487 billion, and with the sequestration another half trillion dollars. We are just disarmed. And I’ve got statements from the commanders saying that the problems that they have. The $120 billion, by the way, we found that out and we had that all documented — and I made the comment — with that, we could buy 1400 f-35 fighter aircraft.”

That’s a lot of fighter aircraft.

Doocy then brought up a $270 million global warming satellite that crashed on takeoff. Inhofe said that money could have been spent on Navy SEAL or special ops training. Then they talked about the $535 million loan guarantee to Solyndra and $757 million on the global climate change initiative that was used to build power plants overseas. All of that money could have been spent here at home. It’s disgusting.

Inhofe spoke on the Senate floor during the Democrats’ talkathon earlier in the week to remind them of their folly. Something tells me his speech fell on deaf ears.

via Grabien