Republican David Jolly Wins In #FL13 Special Election! Updated


Well, here’s some fun news for a Tuesday night. David Jolly has won the special election against Alex Sink in Florida’s 13th Congressional District. So much for the PPP poll saying it was all going to boil down to climate change. Heh!

Before the race was called I checked the Tampa Bay Times. They interviewed Democrat after Democrat, with only a couple of Republicans thrown in, for “balance” I suppose. You would have thought Sink, the Democrat, had the race in the bag, especially since President Obama won the district in 2012. On top of that, the libertarian in the race was most likely pulling votes from Jolly. And the Democrat lost anyway. They want nothing more than people to buy into their climate change nonsense, but this race was about Obamacare. People don’t like it.

It looks like the Democrats could be in for a rough November. Can’t wait.

Update: The RNC is happy. In a statement Chairman Reince Priebus said ““Despite being heavily outspent by Democrats, David won in a district that President Obama carried in the 2012 election. His victory shows that voters are looking for representatives who will fight to end the disaster of ObamaCare, to get Washington to spend our money responsibly, and to put power in the hands of families and individuals. In November, voters all across the country will have the chance to send the same message that Pinellas County voters have sent: Democrats’ policies are not working for America….”

Update 2: I don’t know if any of this will make it past twitter, but so far the media isn’t buying the Democrats’ spin on Sink’s loss.

This response is fun:

Don’t you just love it when Democrats lose?