Reporter Detained For Asking EPA Chief A Question


Ari Natter, an energy reporter for Bloomberg BNA, made the mistake of taking his job seriously and asking EPA chief Gina McCarthy a question. He found out that that sort of behavior is not tolerated in the Age of Obama.

Natter was detained while covering the American Council On Renewable Energy conference, where McCarthy spoke. Also speaking at the conference was Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a staunch supporter of green energy who regularly takes the Senate floor to sound the alarm on global warming.

McCarthy spoke about renewable energy issues, including the EPA’s proposal to cut back the amount of ethanol refiners are required to blend into gasoline annually to avoid economic calamity. She also talked about the Obama administration’s view that energy and environmental policy go hand in hand.

Right before he was detained, Natter sent out a tweet that said “Obama admin ‘remains committed to biofuels despite the fact that people have concerns about our proposal,’ @GinaEPA tells @ACORE. #REpolicy.” He was then held by Capitol police until they verified that he had press credentials. Who knows what they would have done if he didn’t pass the background check.

Given the Obama administration’s scandals involving attacks on freedom of the press with the spying on of James Rosen; seizing the phone records of AP reporters; and his attempted plan to monitor news rooms, this latest incident will undoubtedly make one wonder about the future of a free press under an Obama presidency.

Oh, and don’t expect Senator Chuck Schumer’s bill to assure the future of a free press.

What’s amazing to me is that the main stream media continues to cover for this administration.