Rand Paul Rocks The CPAC Crowd


Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul arrived on CPAC’s main stage and the ballroom was standing room only. Before he even said a word the crowd delivered a standing ovation, and he went on to deliver a speech that brought them to their feet over and over again.

“Image a time when liberty is again spread from coast to coast,” he said before getting in a dig at President Obama. “Imagine a time when the White House is occupied by a friend of liberty.” He went on to say that he wasn’t talking about electing Republicans, but of “electing people of principle, conviction and action.

The crowd rose to their feet again when he asked “The next generation of liberty lovers, will you stand and be heard? … We will not trade our liberty for security. Not now. Not ever.”

Paul went on to protest the NSA, saying “As our voices rise in protest, the NSA monitors your every phone call. What you do on your cell phone is none of their damn business!”

He reminded conservatives that the 4th Amendment is just as important as the 1st Amendment. He even worked in a few references to the Pink Floyd song “Wish You Were Here.”