Over Half Of New Yorkers Signed Up For Obamacare Enrolled In Medicaid


The state of New York is boasting that 717,207 people have signed up for Obamacare insurance through the state’s exchange. Maybe that would be good news if they were all paying customers, but more than half of them have enrolled in Medicaid.

Of those who have enrolled, 70% had no insurance at the time they applied for coverage, officials added. The enrollees include 342,895 who signed up for private insurance and 374,312 who qualified for Medicaid.

New York is one of 16 states and the District of Columbia that operates its own health insurance exchange under the ACA. The state’s site has been among the most successful in the nation, outpacing most other exchanges in enrollment.

The Citizens Budget Commission on Monday announced that it was awarding the Health Department its Prize for Public Service Innovation because it is success in operating the exchange. (Read More)

So almost 400,000 more New Yorkers are now on the public dole, plus however many receive subsidies for the other policies, and that’s what officials consider to be a success.