Obama Admits You Could Lose Your Doctor, Calls It A Choice


President Obama said that Obamacare is cheaper than a cell phone bill. Now he’s saying that “…if you looked at their cable bill, their telephone, their cell phone bill… it may turn out that, it’s just they haven’t prioritized health care.” So, in his mind, people aren’t making the right choices. They should choose a crappy Obamacare plan over a cell phone or cable.

The same thing goes with keeping your doctor. He admitted during a Web MD interview that Americans are “going to have to make some choices, and they might end up having to switch doctors in part because they’re saving money.”

Of course, that’s not what he was saying in 2009. “If you like your doctor or health care plan you can keep it.”

In short, he lies.

Via Grabien here and here.

Update: The NRCC created a fun little diagnostic tool help Obama and Pelosi find out what is wrong with their political future. Heh!