#NY24 – Republicans, Conservatives Pick John Katko To Run Against Dan Maffei


On Saturday the Republican committees from the four counties making up New York’s 24th congressional district held the convention to nominate candidates for the upcoming elections. (Disclosure, I am a member of the Dewitt Republican Committee and voted by absentee ballot.) Former federal prosecutor John Katko was nominated to run against incumbent Democrat Rep. Dan Maffei.

Katko won the nomination with enough votes to avoid a runoff. John Lemondes, another newcomer to politics, came in second. I like both candidates, but voted for Katko. They both seem conservative enough, however neither has any legislative record to judge by. When I spoke to Katko I found him to be very down to earth, easy to talk to and his answers to my questions on issues such as health care and immigration were in line with my positions. In all there were 8 candidates, but one dropped out the morning of the vote.

Lemondes is considering a primary, and Ian Hunter says he will mount a primary. A Lemondes primary may be less likely now that Katko has the support of the Conservative Party committees in the district. Hunter says he is the tea party favorite, but I don’t think he really stands much of a chance.

John Katko spent years fighting organized crime, so I’m thinking that experience should translate well when it comes to fighting the Democrats in Washington, DC.

I’ll have more on the race in the months to come, so stay tuned. For now I have pack for CPAC. In the mean time, Dan Maffei has a ton of dough and Katko needs to catch up.